Perfectionist Patriots Assist Progressive Perfidy

That statement seems to be in conflict with itself.  How is it that the self acclaimed most righteous political Patriots be a source of strength for the Communist Manifesto based Progressives?  It seems to be incomprehensible when the Perfectionist Patriots (PP) avow they are the point of the spear leading a Holy War against Progressive policies throughout our society.  Let us look behind the curtain.

First and foremost, the game plan the PPs has been to to focus all their recriminations at Conservative Constitutional Republicans.  Their unbending proclamations pontificate that the Republican Party is the main source of pernicious political poison in America.  Further, they throw even the most conservative elected Republicans under the bus with the derogatory term of being a member of the Uniparty.  Those words and actions create giant chasms in the Party and allows the Demonicrats to win seats in Republican areas.

While that is irresponsible and destructive in itself, their poison pen proclamations give a pass to the Demonicrats and their atheistic poisonous policies.  The strident PP platform is culminated in advancing a plan to destroy the Republican Party.  Therefore, they proclaim passionately that Puritan Perfectionism can only be triumphant by forming a Patriot Party (PP).  That position would be worthy of raucous ridicule if it were not so destructive.

SO, let’s look at the practical reality from last year’s general election.  Four of the statewide offices, twelve legislative seats and three of the Congressional were decided by less than a 4% voter swing.  We all know about the Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General results (we rant and rave about it daily).  However, little is known or talked about the same situation when it comes to the House and Senate results.   There will not be any statewide elections next year, but all 90 legislative seats, 9 Congressional seats and hundreds of county, city and school board seats will be on the ballot.  We will leave it to you to assess massive destruction for the future of our state if the Patriot Party is on the ballot and takes only 5% of the vote.  It has every opportunity where Arizona will become California East.

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A Scorecard Primer – with comparisons

There are Scorecards created and used to influence (change) the voting patterns of legislators and then there are Press Releases labeled as scorecards that advance the special interests of the organization. Lets look at some of the differences.

The AZRA Scorecard is created by volunteers over months that amounts to thousands of hours of evaluating about 2,000 bills written by legislators and placed into the legislative process. Of those bills, our Scorecard Committee members identify between 150 and 250 bills that are of utmost important, using the following criteria to weight them on a scale of -10 to +10.

Summary of major criteria used to weight bills:

  • Supports the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights
  • Supports the Republican Party Platform
  • Supports Individual/private sector empowerment over government empowerment
  • Supports Family Values and parental authority incl. education and health
  • Supports national security/sovereignty – Border, natural resources, states rights
  • Reduces government spending and over burdensome tax policies and rates
  • Policies that will have significant impact on the population

The sole purpose of the AZRA Scorecard is to change the voting patterns of our legislators so the final bill/law will reflect the above criteria. To accomplish this purpose, we inform each Republican legislator which bills we are scoring PRIOR to the first committee vote on the selected bills. We give them the reason for our score and encourage them to contact us if they feel our scoring is not accurate. When they contact us, we conduct a second review of the bill – including their input – make a final score decision and publish the official scorecard. We also publish a “current” scorecard every week or two during session to keep everyone informed and accountable.

This year’s AZRA scorecard was comprised of 145 bills with a total possible score of 3919 points when including all recorded votes (sponsorship > committee > COW > Amendment > Floor> Third and Final votes.) Other major scorecards this year generally fall in the range of 25-35 bills with scores of less than 100 possible points.  We believe it is impossible to  come to  a fair evaluation of legislators who cast thousands of votes every session on 1700 bills by scoring less than 30 bills. 

Another major point of contrast is the AZRA Scorecard informs the members and the public of the scored bills and the actions taken at every stage of the process – IN REAL TIME. While we are being criticized by some, we are proud that every Republican legislator this year earned and A or A+ final grade. It is the first time in our history that this has happened. To be honest, we were also shocked that every Republican achieved that final grade this year, but we refuse to modify the results to meet a pre-determined outcome as some groups have done in the past. Looking forward, we are looking to score 225-250 bills next year.

Most grass roots conservatives who only look at the final Scorecard have no idea of the process. In spite of a lack of knowledge about our process, they tend to criticize our Scorecard as untrustworthy when some legislator scores do not align with the historic record of the legislator. However, AZRA believes it has achieved the primary goal of all the efforts to produce the Scorecard when that occurs. It should be the goal of every Constitutional conservative to influence a legislator who has a well earned reputation for being a moderate or RINO so they earn a positive rating for the latest session. The fact that AZRA is committed to changing behavior patterns instead of playing the ‘gotcha’ games after the session makes us a unique scorecard.

Lets compare and contrast a couple of other scorecards. We trust that each scorecard is a genuine reflection of legislative action in the area of focus for each specific organization. The published scorecards when viewed with that perspective in mind, are generally reliable and trustworthy. The Center for Arizona Policy has earned our trust and respect on Pro-Life and Pro-Moral issues. The Free Enterprise Institute and Americans for Prosperity have solid reputations when it comes to corporate economic profitability issues. The Arizona Pistol and Rifle Association along with the NRA have earned the trust of all of us when it comes to the 2nd Amendment issues.

However, as single issue organizations, they are different than AZRA. First, they do not identify and publish the specific bills that will be scored prior to or during the session. Some of the organizations have paid personnel who lobby legislators on hundreds of bills when only a few unidentified are chosen after the session to be published as their scorecard. Our scorecard is created by members who volunteer their time and expertise in a transparent, timely and accurate process across a wide spectrum of important issues. We identify areas of impact across twenty categories. Some bills impact multiple categories and are included in each as appropriate. 

Last, it is important to note that, in spite of false statements by self serving individuals, there were 39 Election Integrity Bills passed by the legislature and sent to the governor.  The AZRA Scorecard included 39 government regulation bills, 33 election integrity bills, 32 education bills – more in each category than the total bills scored by other major scorecards in Arizona.  Learn the facts instead of self created rumors and innuendos when you evaluate the final results..

AZRA is grateful for everyone engaged in restoring the Constitutional values created under Divine Providence so we can live in the land of the free and home of the brave. God Bless America.

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Response to an article re: Republicans

This response was sent to the author of the article below:
First, take two minutes out of the 1440 you will have today and read to the bottom.  You will retain 1438 minutes to do everything else you need to do. 
I understand your frustration.  I live it.  I have been in the ministry – Called to the political arena 44 years ago.  I have been fighting the McCains, Bush’s, and all the rest of the infiltrators sent by the Evil one into our midst for nearly all my adult life.  I caution you to not denigrate Republicans as if none of them are doing anything.  Without the Christian Conservative Republicans, America would have no restraint on the agenda of the Evil one.
A person becomes a Republican by checking a box on a voter registration form and the Republican Party is prohibited by law to refuse to accept their chosen designation.  We need to do less attacking all Republicans and begin focusing our attacks with more precision.  Attack the RINOs.  Attack the Democrats.  Attack the Communists masked as Progressives.  Attack the churches who fail in their mission.  Confront or Counsel those who sit on the sideline and refuse to engage the enemy because they are lazy, compliant, complicit or afraid of any possible economic or social discomfort. 
Attacking all Republicans is destructive in today’s political arena.  The Republican Party and its elected officials are the ONLY conduit to turning around the Ship of State.  It is akin to attacking ALL coaches (by extension including you and Coach Kennedy) for not exercising their First Amendment rights and praying in public.  It ain’t true & its suicidal. 
Encourage real Christians to become Precinct Committeemen in the Party. 
Exhort  real Constitutional patriots to take  leadership positions in the Party. 
Evict the RINOs, NWOs & neo-cons with no salt from leadership in the Party.
Energize Salt (Matt 5:13) your House > the State House > the White House. 
Exalt those elected officials who are true to the Constitution & the Faith. 
Again, whether it is comfortable for you or not, the Republican Party is the only path to win the war.  In general, I am not recommending that ALL Republicans should be supported, in fact I strongly work to defeat a lot of them in the Primary Election, however, in the General Election, even some of the lesser can be the difference in creating a majority that is required to enact legislation.   Circular firing squads do not lead to victory & always cede the battle to the enemy. It is better to provide solutions than just vent complaints.
For pathways to winning the war in Arizona, e-mail:
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Biggest Political Threats to Arizona

There are three main threats to Constitutional Governance in Arizona.  It is clear and not a matter of debate that the Demonic-rat Party leadership and elected officials comprise the largest group. While they are the largest group, they are not the biggest threat.

At the top of the list are the Petulant Patriot Party Purists.  Unfortunately, their perverse policy that demands perfection (to their imperfect policies) only serves the goals of the enemy.  The leadership is committed to “defeating both Republicans and Democrats.”  The fact is their puny single digit results at the ballot box will guarantee the defeat of Republicans and the election of Democrats.  The body count, based on historic results, could be as many as fourteen legislative seats that were within a five point swing in 2022.  Of course, if that happens, they will not take responsibility for the damage to our state with a Democrat Governor and Democrat House and Senate but they will be responsible.

Second in ranking of threats to our state are the Harris astigmatists who are blindly following their leader who has an uninterrupted record that is devoid of political integrity.  Her refusal take responsibility for violating clear and distinct rules and policies she swore to uphold has degenerated into blaming everyone who could not ignore her incessant rhetoric that did not have a passing acquaintance with the truth. For example, Dizzy Lizzy and the Amaurotic Adherents are going around the state saying that Election Integrity (EI) bills were not passed by the House because they expelled her. The fact is 38 EI Bills were passed by the House members and her replacement voted YES on every EI bill that was presented for her vote. [To get the EI blls  list, send an e-mail to:

So, now that we have identified the threat to Constitutional Governance in Arizona, how can you be a key player in providing the solution?

  • First, do not give credibility to the false claims of sore losers who are content to burn down the hopes and future of everyone else. Remember the leaders of the PP are one and all simply bitter losers!
  • Second, recognize that while there are major challenges within the Republican Party, including a minority group of evil doers, it is the only political organization capable of electing Constitutional Conservatives that will protect and defend the Constitution, God, Family and community.
  • Third, inform all your family, friends and associates of the facts and the collateral damage that will occur if these “enemies domestic” are successful in their evil actions.  Do not be part of the silent majority.  Be the America First megaphone.

Last, become part of a united force that is working to provide the solution.  We invite you to join us with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, as we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.  For more information, go to or e-mail:

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GOP – UniParty? “Woke”??

NOPE!!  Three to Five of the Republican Party and Republican Elected Officials are both “woke” and Democrat collaborators, but that is less than nearly any other organized or disorganized group in America.  Do independent in-depth research and learn the facts, not the knee jerk reactionary purists who would call Christ “woke” for meeting with Zacchaeus or protecting the harlot from being stoned to death.

While we have six to ten RINOs out of 222 that cause great damage, the solution is to fund challengers to the few and defeat another 2o “woke” Dems instead of throwing the whole GOP caucus under the bus.  Spend your time, money and support for the Constitutional Conservatives in Congress and the AZ Legislature and working to defeat the rotten ones.  No farmer leaves the rotten apples in the barrel and complains later when the whole barrel becomes contaminated. They simply clean out the rotten ones asap.

We call on all conservatives to recognize the reality that support of the Patriot Party and the Harriscenorship acolytes will only result in Democrat majorities in the Arizona House and Senate that will collude with the woke Dem Governor.  ] The collateral damage will be a huge leap toward the destruction of Constitutional governance here.

Our continuing on the current path really is HOBBSon’s  dream – & our nightmare.

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Mike proves he is not worth a pence

7/14 Family Leadership Summit – Tucker Carlson interview Mike Pence

Pence said, “I want to give the Ukrainian military what they need to repel Russia.  Peace comes through strength, and the United States needs to continue to project strength,”

Tucker Carlson responded, “Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past three years. Drive around. There is not one city that has gotten better in the United States. And it’s visible.  And yet your concern is the Ukraine, a country most people can’t find on a map, that has received tens of billions of U.S. tax dollars, that seemingly doesn’t have enough tanks, I think it’s fair to ask, where’s the concern for the United States in that?”  

Pence responded, “Well, it’s not my concern.  Tucker, I’ve heard that routine from you before, but it’s not my concern,”  

Thank you Mr. former VICE President for clarifying you priorities!  

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The new 5Cs

The 5 Cs made Arizona prosperous – Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, Climate.

The new 5 CsCorruption, Collusion, Complicity, Compliance, Complacency – today’s  “Four Horses of the Apocalypse!” – will destroy Arizona.

We are at the most treacherous time in the history of our state and nation!  That is readily apparent to anyone who is paying attention to the current ideological, moral and ethical phenomena running amuck across our political, social, medical, pharmaceutical, education and economic strata.

From corrupt self dealing actions of the drug infested traitorous first family and staff in Washington and the progressive inhabitant of the Ninth Floor on Washington St. thru the medical and pharmaceutical industries that are complicit in the WHO/Bill Gates progressive campaign of depopulation by literally killing millions with their poisonous “cures”, continuing thru the hideous attacks of the traditional family using our public education system to inculcate CRT/ESG/DEI beliefs into the minds of our youth.   They combine in a Satanic attack on the Christian faithful within and without the church.

In addition, we are inundated with feckless public officials and their Kool-Aid drinking foolish acolytes that become the most insidious “enemies domestic” in the history of our state.  These groups are led by those who do not have even a fleeting connection honesty or integrity, and the self-righteous purists spend all their time and effort in destroying true patriots.  The Progressive, communist inspired evil doers of the left and the RINO infested corporate and political heads and their self serving ladder climbing adherents are a threat.

That combination would be bad enough to create a modern ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burned’ scenario, but there is one overriding factor that is more dangerous than all the above that no one wants to address.  That factor is the refusal of the Constitutional Conservative Majority to take the stand of the signers of the Declaration of Independence  ‘with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.’

Throughout political circles, spiritual gatherings, community events and family environs there are corrosive automatic expressions of rationalization on why one should not be expected to take such a pledge today,  “It will hurt our business”, “We will lose friends”, “We will offend our family”, “The government will attack” or even, “I won’t be reelected”.

All of those things and more were arrayed against the 56 signers, yet they made, & more importantly kept, the pledge, relying on the protection of divine Providence instead of their own might and strength with the result that the greatest nation in the history of this earth was created.  12 took a similar pledge 2000 years ago and started the spread of Christianity around the world.

It will take a similar pledge with reliance on divine Providence today to restore our nation to its former preeminence.  The question is will YOU separate yourself from the herd and join the 12 and the 56 in making a similar pledge.

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Perfection Produces Policy Perfidy

The discouraged, crotchety perfectionists scream to everyone that the American political arena is fully run by the “UniParty”.  The declare that there is no difference between a Republican official and a Democrat official – and worse , that ALL Republicans are as bad and the worst Democrat.

It should be too ridiculous a proposition to bother with, however, that assertion has become so prevalent from those who demand 100% compliance by every registered and elected Republican office holder on every issue that an answer is called for. AZRA spends more time and attention fighting the RINOs than any other effort, but throwing all Republican elected officials under the bus for the actions of a highly visible few is destructive and drastically harms our war efforts against the Demonicrats.

First of all, a citizen/candidate is a Republican or Democrat by checking a box on a voter registration form.  The Republican Party has NO Constitutional or other legal right to question/vet a person to determine their commitment to the Constitution let alone the Republican Platform. Second, The Republican Party cannot terminate anyone from membership in the Party nor does the Party have the authority to prevent any registered Republican running for any public office.  PS: AZRA  requires approval for all applications for membership and terminates members for cause when necessary.

So lets go back to the underlying question.  The differences between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party are extreme and across the board.  The Republican Party is based on the Bible, the Constitution and Pro: Life, 2nd Amendment; parental education choice; smaller government; lower taxes; religious freedom; federalism; individual liberty; personal freedom, etc..  The Democrat Party is based on the Communist Manifesto and is Pro: late-term/partial birth/after birth abortions; gun confiscation; “woke” LGBTQ child grooming; government CRT/ESG/DEI curriculum; racial bias in Ed; Affirmative Action; Centralized government; individual conformity; personal enslavement.

A few key indicators.  Supreme Justices who defend the Constitution are Republicans appointed by Republican Presidents and approved by a Republican Senate.  Justices who oppose the Bible, the Constitution, and conservative principles are all Democrats appointed by Democrat Presidents.  Of the nineteen states who have Red Flag laws, seventeen have Democrat Governors and Democrat controlled Legislatures (the two GOP states are Indiana and Florida), and Indiana is currently working to revoke the law.  (Gov. DeSantis,  why is your state the only Republican state that seems OK with Red Flag Laws.  Maybe you should stop campaigning to be President and fix this horrible situation for all Floridians.  It is time for you to back your political rhetoric with action on this problem.)

In Arizona, Republican legislators unanimously passed 45 Election Integrity bills and 16 Education reform bills.  All of the EI bills were opposed by the Democrat members and all but 5 were vetoed by the Democrat Governor. When considering the full work of the legislature, this pattern occurred over twelve dozen times in just the current session.

Liz Harris is going across the state asserting that because she was expelled for deliberate actions that brought disrepute to the House and lied about the facts to the Ethics Committee, the Leadership and the rest of the House Republican Caucus, that Election Integrity bills have not happened.  That is simply another Harris lie! ( Republicans PASSED 45 election integrity bills) This demonstrates her personal challenge with integrity. The facts rebuke the self righteous radicals who are attacking and censuring conservative Republicans for demanding personal and political integrity.  Dizzy Lizzy and acolytes need to be held responsible for the damage they are causing.

Also, Benedict Fillmore is leading the effort to displace and defeat Republican Party candidates at all levels because he was soundly defeated by the Republican voters in 2022.   If the Unpatriotic self centered ego driven Patriot Party is successful in gaining ballot status, they will create a Democrat majority in both houses of the legislature and restore DIMMS to the majority of our Congressional seats.

This should stop the UniParty charge but those who use their energy to destroy will probably continue to spread their poison that helps the enemy.  AZRA, will continue to call out Republicans who fail to support Constitutional principles, while supporting the overwhelming majority of Republicans who consistently protect and serve the American public with honor in the face of destructive “friends”.  The contrast between the Democrat officials and Republican legislators and elected officials is stark. Republicans provide the only path to restoration of Christian Constitution Conservative principles.  If the “UniParty” perfectionists would simply support Constitutional Conservative candidates and help defeat RINOs in the Primary, most of the problem would be solved.  However, it seems that loudly complaining about the problem is easier and more to their taste.

The bottom line: You are a part of the solution or you are the absolute worst part of the problem.  AZRA invites you to join us as we work every day to be part of the solution.

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A Supreme Day for America

It has taken sixty years to begin the process of eliminating discrimination in America.  Today, the Supreme Court overwhelmingly ruled that the Constitution is color blind.  In effect, the six majority justices (three appointed by Trump and affirmed by the Republican led Senate) ruled that racism today and in the future is an unconstitutional remedy for the racism that has defined the Democrats since the founding of our country.  The education & welfare programs are simply conduits to enslave minorities generation after generation.  Of additional note, this is the same Supreme Court that President Trump helped form that has restored Life and Liberty.

This SCOTUS ruling specifically addresses Affirmative Action policies practiced in college admission policies, with the clear and unequivocable ruling that they violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  With this foundation, it is time for the full application of this principle doctrine of the Constitution to be applied to hiring  and promotional policies in the workplace, as well as race specific scholarships.

Further, the “woke” extremist policies of DEI (aka DIE), ESG, Social credit scores, etc. all  are in violation of the Constitution and fly in the face of MLK’s words: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  Today’s ruling brings that dream one giant step closer to reality.

As important as this ruling is, America will never reach its potential until it abandons discrimination enacted 60 years ago as a false remedy for discrimination generations ago. The Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, James Clyburn, Maxine (Mad Max) Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, etal racists must be renounced for the corrupt demagogues they are.  It is paramount to note that nearly 100% of the federal, state and local elected officials who practiced segregation – most as members/Grand Wizards of the KKK – were and still are elected Democrat Party officials

We call on our Legislators to put bills on the Governor’s Desk July 31 or in the next session to follow the principle of this Supreme Court ruling in education, hiring, program eligibility, issuance of contracts and every facet of Arizona government and business.  Anything less is simply enabling a continuance of racism that destroys equal opportunity to succeed for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.

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2023 Scorecard – Republicans Score All-Time High

Yes, in spite of all the huffing and puffing, the doom and gloom, and at times the circular firing squads, the First Session of the Fifty Sixth Arizona Legislature has achieved the highest score in the history of our Scorecard.

Of course, the question arises as to why this has occurred.  We believe there are multiple reasons.

    •  While some purists have had a field day nit-picking at times, at the end of the day the Senate President and House Speaker achieved great achievements through the challenging session by keeping the Republican Caucus united.
    • The Republican Caucus was blessed to have strong leaders beyond the “Leadership Teams.”  Every championship team has members in the clubhouse that provide day to day leadership and this was evident in the 2023 legislature.
    • The natural bonding that occurs whenever you work every day recognizing the forces against you can only be defeated with a unified effort.  One vote margins in both the House and Senate provided that daily impetus.

For those who like to view every situation from a pious position of perfection, we ask you to stop for a moment and thank God and our legislators for what they have accomplished.  Arizona has serious, potentially destructive corruption, greed, and unconstitutional actions.  Decades of neglect by the majority of self proclaimed “conservatives” brought us to this place.

We must all put the cause above personal interests and invest every ounce of energy, wisdom, strategy and tactic to overcome the evil forces.  The successes of this legislature must be matched with a united grass roots if we are to defeat the enemy.  We MUST stop the circular firing squads that are more intent on attacking those on our side of the aisle instead of our ideological enemies of America.

We MUST identify the fatal consequences we will experience in 2025 and beyond if we have a siphoning of Republican votes to the self serving ambitions of the Patriot Party led by John Fillmore.  If they take 5% of the vote we will lose 3-5 legislative seats and the Democrats will take the majority in both houses who will work in concert with Hobbs to wreak havoc across the political landscape.

If we unite and focus on a common strategy, we will overcome with the guidance of God.  Keep the faith and prosecute the war with vigor.  God Bless as we confront the future.

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